Testimonial – Clare Walkeden


Clare Walkeden is a Coach, and long-time Communications and Marketing professional – she helps people move forward.

She thrives on helping people understand where they and those around them ‘are at’ – including values, abilities and feeling empowered to bring about their own solutions. She’s also passionate about recognising and helping to eradicate anxiety, overwhelm and burnout, in life and business, through building resilience.

Clare particularly enjoys coaching in nature and outdoors bringing the benefits of working with a coach alongside increased creativity, fitness and wellbeing.


This is what Clare has to say about working with me….

I heard you speak at networking about what you did and how. Then when I looked at your process it felt much more like what I wanted and needed, that anything else I had seen. I trusted you to photograph me because of your testimonials from other clients and also seeing your work via social channels. Also when I spoke to you, I really like your approach and personality etc.

I’m really pleased with my images – and have had lots of lovely comments about them, most importantly in the vein of ‘he’s captured you’ and that the images show what I wanted in the different angles of the business, my personality etc.

I really enjoyed the front end of the process as much as the shoot day. It really made me have a think about a few things for my brand as a whole – I even turned down a job recently because spending a day shooting my brand and vision told me it really wasn’t the right road to take!

If you’re not quite sure yet whether to book me, Clare says:

I would say that for people who are not so comfortable being photographed, but know that they want and need to be for their business, then you can absolutely be trusted to guide them through the process – plus what they get out the other side in images will also aid their confidence!