Testimonial – Vicky Fraser


Lots of people can help you bang a book out as a glorified business card… Vicky will help you write a terrific book people will rave about, share, and love.


This is what Vicky has to say about working with me….

I hated having my photograph taken. Somehow, between the mirror and the camera lens, someone seemed to replace my face with that of a misshapen troll. I would tense up, and that would show in my face and my body language. Photographs of me did not come out well and I invariably hated them. The only photos I ever seemed to like were my wedding photos (thankfully!) and candid snaps where I didn’t know I’d been photographed. I knew how important it was to have great photos for my business, and that pressure just made things worse and worse.

You sounded like you really understood what my issues were and you immediately put me at ease on the phone. Even though I was terrified, you managed to get me to look forward to it and even believe that I might enjoy it (I did!) I absolutely LOVE the photos you’ve taken. They’re so ME.

Before, I’ve had photos that were nice – and isn’t that an awful word? Photos that made me look like every other boring business owner. Your photoshoot wasn’t like that at all. The photos you took of me are me at my very best and most sparkly. I adore them. I’m proud to put them everywhere.

You made it fun and took the fear away. You made me believe that it was possible to capture all the best parts of me on film, without losing any personality. And you did.

If you’re not quite sure yet whether to book me, Vicky says:

Do it. Without any hesitation, I recommend John wholeheartedly. This is an investment that will last for years, and your photos will earn their keep over and over in so many different places and ways. And I can’t tell you how priceless it is it to have photographs that make you feel amazing.