Testimonial – Phoebe Bolton


Phoebe’s passion for horses and her interest in the body led her to Osteopathy; She loves helping riders be pain free and perform better with Strength & Conditioning Coaching. Phoebe was launching a new website and asked me to create images for her new website: www.pb-equestrian.co.uk

This is what Phoebe has to say about working with me….

I absolutely love the work he has done! The pictures look both professional but also personable which for me was vital. The photos were so easy to do and it didn’t feel like a “shoot” at all. He was very flexible with where the photos were taken and I was so pleased to have a range of pictures of horses in several settings. Also, the thought into where the photos would be used on my website and social media really helped to clarify the process! I hate having my photo taken but it was so enjoyable!

If you’re not quite sure yet whether to book me, Phoebe says:

Go for it!! John manages to capture the true, but professional you. I got some great “action” shots of me and the horses, but I was most pleased with the more “portrait” style photos which I didn’t even realise he was taking. He is very supportive and makes the whole process thoroughly enjoyable. I am so grateful to him and his photos have been vital for the growth of my business.