Testimonial – Danny Gosling


Expertise on its own isn’t enough. Whether you’re an established business or you’re about to take the plunge and go self-employed, you face the same challenge. Without enough clients, you don’t have a business.

Danny works with service-based businesses from start-ups to industry leaders, to understand and express what they offer and to win more profitable clients.

This is what Danny has to say about working with me…

I was very impressed not just with the results but your thorough approach and the preparatory work you put in to make the ideal setting and relax your client. I recognised your service is not just about shooting terrific photos but is a genuine personal branding exercise.
I was most pleased with the way you understood that I wanted more than traditional posed photos and helped me find a great venue with the creative touch we needed.

If you’re not quite sure yet whether to book me, Danny says:

For an ambitious solopreneur or person looking to further their career, a personal branding photoshoot is an essential way of standing out from your competition. John is the ideal photographer to choose, as he understands what’s required to complete the whole package of preparation, venue and the shots themselves.