Do You Feel Like Your Current Business Profile Photo Is The Best Of A Bad Bunch?

Take a moment to imagine your profile photo is so good it causes just one person to want to learn more about what you do and then go on to become a client.

What would that be worth to you in terms of your confidence in getting out there and doing the business?

What would it be worth to your business in terms of turnover?

It’s time to ‘bite the bullet’ and while you’re at the ITI Conference get a business profile photo you’re proud of.

I’m John Cleary and I love to create fabulous headshots for people who really don’t like having their photo taken. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I adore seeing the reaction of people when they realise that there is such a thing as a good photo of them. I’ve been a professional people photographer since 2009 and love helping people grow their business by making a great first impression. Can I do the same for you and your business?

I have never had so many compliments about photos of me and I can’t wait to use them on my website.

Lisa Saunders

Chrysalis Coaching Limited

Headshots at the ITI Conference

On Friday 10th May, I will be at the ITI Conference creating professional headshots for delegates.

You simply book a timed appointment online using the button below. On Friday 10th at the appointed time you’ll find me in the Muniment Room (don’t worry I’ll email you this information nearer the time), we’ll take several photos and together we’ll choose the best one. After the conference, I will email copies of the photograph through to you. You’ll receive 4 files in total; colour and black and white versions in both web and print resolutions. The web versions will be suitable for use on social media and the print versions will be suitable for printing up to 7″/19cm along the longest side.

The session will cost £40.

If you would like your photograph enhanced there is a retouching option too. My ‘photoshop’ work is subtle but noticeable; eyes are brightened and where needed, wrinkles are reduced, teeth are subtly whitened, under eye bags are lightened and reduced. Of course, you probably don’t need this service, but if you do it’s just £10 extra. Here’s a side by side example; see how the eyes are brighter and the skin is smoother. Just enough to make a difference without making her look materially different.