FSB Bootcamp 2022

Well despite my best efforts to memorise the 5 points I wanted to make, they vanished from my brain the second I stepped on stage.

So, here are the 5 points that I think I still did make!

  1. Having a photographer that can show you how to pose can make the shot (see Dave’s headshot that started the whole thing). Always ask about how they will be able to make you <insert your perceived photography fault here> disappear or at least be minimised.
  2. Not all photographers are the same; some you will get on with others you won’t. Don’t book one until you’ve spoken with them and you they give you a sense that you’ll feel comfortable in front of their camera; you’ll enjoy the process much more and you’ll be happier with the results too!
  3. Professional photos can make the difference between you making the shortlist of your potential client when they search for your skill on LinkedIn and not! When people are searching LinkedIn for the skill you have, it’s the people with the better headshots that make the shortlist of people they investigate further. You could be the best at what you do, but they won’t look at you if your headshot is below par; they’re not judging you, they’re just picking the people who look most professional.
  4. Personal brand photos help you continue the good impression you made with your headshot. The more they see of you on your website, the more they will get to know like and trust you. They help to tell your prospect what makes you different from your competitors. And can help you receive that all-important call.
  5. I want everyone to have a photo that they’re proud of. I argue that everyone is photogenic if they stand in front of the right photographer.

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