From time to time I run events aimed at helping you and your business with photography related issues.

I do ‘face-to-face’ talks on “How to look great in photos” and online I have a one hour webinar showing you how to look your best on Zoom and also in selfies. If you need a good business portrait but a professional photo isn’t an option for you right now, these events might be just what you are looking for. Even if you have professional shots and just want to learn the secrets of how to take a really good selfie so that you can update your Instagram feed more often, you should come along to one of these events.

How to wear PJs on Zoom and still look ‘pro’

In this one hour online session, I go through all of the things you need to consider when you are pointing a camera at yourself, whether that be on a Zoom call or for a selfie. There’s a lot to consider and when you know what you need to know it’s so much easier to do well.

It might sound a bit dull, but it’s a really fun and informative hour and I can guarantee you’ll learn something!


Very entertaining and informative
Sophie Wilkins

Never has one of my selfies looked so good!
Sarah Pagan

Book onto the webinar

How to look good in photos

This is a face-to-face talk which covers exactly what to do the next time someone whips out their smartphone to take a photo. I talk about how to look taller (or shorter), slimmer. 

The session is very practical and it’s done in a way that you see the results instantly with no Photoshop!

I can’t run these sessions currently unfortunately due to the pandemic, however, if you want me to let you know the next time one is scheduled, get in touch