I run a number of events, some free, others paid for, some online and some in person. You’ll find them all here. Whether you’re looking for networking, photography-related marketing education or would like to book a session at one of my headshot days you’re in the right place.

I do ‘face-to-face’ talks on “How to look great in photos” and online I have a one hour webinar showing you how to look your best on Zoom and also in selfies. If you need a good business portrait but a professional photo isn’t an option for you right now, these events might be just what you are looking for. Even if you have professional shots and just want to learn the secrets of how to take a really good selfie so that you can update your Instagram feed more often, you should come along to one of these events.


I’ve grown my business through networking. I’ve tried lot of different types. When I first went to Circle Networking I felt right at home. 

I love it because firstly it’s online. That saves me travel time that I can ‘invest’ back into 1-2-1s with the people I want to build a relationship with.

Secondly, and most important, it’s all about building relationships. At Circle 75% of the time is spent talking to other people on the call.

So I set up my own group; Jamboree which happens every other Wednesday 10am-11:30am. Why not come along as my guest and see what all the fuss is about?

Photography Events

I hold headshot days on a regular basis. There are two types; express & personal. 

Express Headshot days

are as the name suggests a quick “in & out” session; you book a slot, turn up we’ll get a shot that you are happy with and I deliver it individually retouched via email within 7 days. It’s a great way to ‘check me out’, it’s also a great opportunity for you to meet someone for a 1-2-1 at the same time (not exactly the same time obviously). I always try to make these events networking opportunities too.

Personal Headshot days

allow us more time to create great headshots for you. Not just one either! With the personal headshot days we are able to take a bit more time with you. There’s also the option to have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist.

More details coming soon!

Online Learning

Every day is a school day. Right? I used to hate school, but now learning is optional, I love it. If you set up your own business you’ll know that you have to embrace learning as it’s key to making it a success. I thought that I’d spend most of my time taking photographs, I don’t, but like most jobs there are aspects you like more than others. I’m here to share that message but also to help people understand how photography can help grow their business.

I learned this myself, after spending too long hiding behind my business I realised that putting myself out there helped to grow the business. 

Many of my clients come to me because they know that I can put them at their ease and make the process less painful. But first, they need to understand why photographs are critical to the growth of their business. 

I run regular masterclasses designed to help you grow your business. Take a look at what’s on offer and book your session.

How one small action can bring more new clients flowing to your door!

Would you like to get more clients?

OK, yes it’s a silly question. Who doesn’t want more clients?

Actively growing your business, in most instances means gaining new clients and doing that means you have to be visible in your marketing even though you hate the camera (some believe the camera hates them!).

So many talented business owners are making the same mistake and it means they’re losing out on opportunities to gain new clients just because they hate having their photo taken.

What if I could show and demonstrate how you could get more business just by making a single quick change?

Yes, I’m a photographer, and yes, it is to do with photos, and yes, I really do understand that you probably hate having your photo taken but… imagine if you could get over that and then get loads more business. Interested?

In this LIVE masterclass you will learn:

  • how hiding behind your business COSTS you money
  • how you can improve your confidence in yourself and your business
  • you can get more clients by making one change.

In-person learning events

How to look good in photos

This is a face-to-face talk which covers exactly what to do the next time someone whips out their smartphone to take a photo. I talk about how to look taller (or shorter), slimmer. 

The session is very practical and it’s done in a way that you see the results instantly with no Photoshop. I generally run these sessions as a guest speaker at an in-person event, if you would like me to speak at your event or you would like to me let you know the next time one is scheduled, get in touch