Too many competitors
When it comes down to buying things, as humans, our purchases are generally emotional. Yes, with a big purchase we may use rational thought or logic to decide that we need it. But it’s generally accepted that most purchasing decisions are made emotionally.
So, imagine a prospect has decided rationally that they want/need a service that you offer. They set about trying to find the business or person that will deliver that service to them. Many of them will use some form of thought process to narrow down the field if they have a large choice. Once they have a shortlist they will almost certainly make a decision emotionally. They will select the company/person that they have the most trust in. The one who they believe understands their problem/need and they feel most comfortable with.
I may be unusual in that I know I have made several purchasing decisions lately, not based on price, but on ‘gut feel’ for who I trusted to help me with the issue that I had. Time will tell whether those decisions are the correct ones, but that’s not really the point. The point is that I am working with the people who were visible to me; visible in their marketing, allowing me to get to know them without meeting them but building trust with me nonetheless.
When I met them for the sales conversation, emotionally, I had already made the purchase. The meeting was just about ‘sealing the deal’.
Are you visible in your marketing? If not, how much would it be worth to you to if you could attract more clients? Happy to have a chat about it if you’re curious!


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