This video on Personal Brand photography was my first ever Facebook Live. I’m a bit nervous to start with, but hopefully the message comes across well?

I would really appreciate your comments, critiques and suggestions for future videos. Please be gentle! ?

Lots of people have been asking, what is the difference between a headshot session and a personal brand shoot? It’s a great question to ask because unless you know it’s not necessarily clear.

What is a headshot?

A headshot is a photograph that people usually use for their profile photo on Facebook, LinkedIn, their ‘About‘ page etc. It’s a great way to start to put yourself out there.

Why just a headshot isn’t enough.

If you are providing services to your clients, you will appreciate that people buy you as much as they buy what you can do for them. However, many service-based businesses don’t provide a ‘human face’ to their marketing or website, as a result, they hide behind the words.

To understand what I mean, imagine a website that sells a service that’s exactly what you need. However, the website has no photos. It’s very dull, right?

Imagine that same website with pictures of the person providing the service on most of the pages. Which website are you more likely to buy from?

What makes a personal brand shoot so valuable.

In a personal brand shoot we take a series of photographs of you looking great. In these photos you are doing what makes you happy, working in your usual environment, maybe dealing with a client etc.

You can then use these photographs thoughout your site, this then allows your potential client to build a relationship with you before you’ve even met them. That’s the power of a personal brand shoot!

If you’d like to know more, get in touch for a no obligation chat with me. Even if you hate the thought of being photographed, I promise I will make you feel at your ease and look fantastic.


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