Too many competitors

Many people I meet while networking express how frustrating it is that there are lots of people offering the same service as them and that it’s difficult to stand out in a crowded market. This makes me wonder if I’m a bit odd; I never worry about ‘competitors’ because I and my business are totally unique… different from every other business; I believe that what makes me unique is what will draw the right clients to me

If you are worried about a sea of competitors all solving the same problems as you, please believe me when I say that the trick is to celebrate and demonstrate your differences. Your story is unique, tell your prospects about it, the right prospects will become your clients.

Don’t put up with your ‘least worst’ photo. *Show* them what makes you different in photographs… you will stand out from your ‘stock photography’ competitors because you are present in your marketing and the right clients will buy from you.

I can help you to understand what makes you and your business different to all the others in your marketplace and to help you show that difference through photography, the result will help you attract more of the right clients more quickly.

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