Hi John, here with the first in a series of photography tips.

People are taking ‘selfies’ and doing video ‘Lives” all the time these days and there doesn’t seem to be much good advice about where to hold the camera.

What we do

For selfies, many choose to hold the camera up high to reduce ‘chinnage’. On the opposite end of the scale, lots of people do videos from their laptops; as a consequence, their faces are a lot higher than the camera.

Why it may not give the impression we want it to

When we appear in a photograph or on camera our viewers are making a number of often unconscious judgements about us from our appearance. When the camera is high up we look small and powerless, when the camera is low we can look overpowering and challenging.

Where is best to hold the camera

We can use these positions to our advantage at times but I would recommend that under normal circumstances the camera is positioned very slightly below your eye-line.

Bonus tip:

If you want to reduce ‘chinnage’ in a selfie, look straight into the camera and push your chin forward; that will stretch your skin and define your jawline beautifully.

If you’ve enjoyed this tip you might be interested to know that I have distilled everything I know about taking a great selfie into a short course. You can find out more about it here…


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