• Now I know that these might not be to your taste, but please bear with me and play along…

If you were in the market for a pair of Jimmy Choo Miami trainers, which would you buy?

Recently I posted a poll on LinkedIn, the poll included the photo above and in the poll, I asked “If you were in the market for shoes 👟 (who isn’t 😉). Which would you buy?

Here are the results:

  • 5 voted for option 1
  • 2 voted for option 2
  • 14 voted for option 3

I expected the result to be a landslide for 3…and was a little bemused by the votes for 1 so I contacted the people who voted for 1 to ask them why they picked it; 3 of them told me that they didn’t mean to vote for one (one of them told me that they’d tried to click on the image to see what it was) and that they would have voted for 3, one person said they’d pick 2.

So, based on that feedback, I corrected the numbers…here’s how the votes went…

  • 1 person voted option 1 (I’m still not sure if they meant to)
  • 3 people voted for 2
  • and a whopping 17 people voted for option 3

In the visual you can see exactly how much more ‘successful’ the professional image is in ‘selling’ the shoes

Why is this important??

We tend to buy what we can see; for two reasons.

Firstly, we don’t like buying blind…would you spend £270 on a pair of brand new shoes you couldn’t see?

Secondly, seeing what we are getting helps us to trust that we are making the right decision.

Let’s think about those figures a little bit more…

The photo is showing exactly the same shoes, for exactly the same price, in exactly the same brand new condition. They are all EXACTLY the same product.

Yet, the sales for the third option would been 425% higher than the other two options put together; more than FOUR times the number of sales!!

This principle applies to service-based businesses too… how many times have you visited a website that on the face of it sounds good, but there are no photos of the person/people running the business?

How much do you trust it? I and others I’ve spoken to would move on to another site. How much more likely would you be to buy if there were photos of the people in the business doing what they do best looking happy and confident in their work?

I want you to imagine for a moment that your business is the pair of shoes…which option is it?

Are you visible in your marketing?

If not, how many more prospects might call you if people could see you on your website etc.?

How many of your potential clients are moving on and buying from someone that they can see, and feel like they can trust.

I know for a huge proportion of my clients it’s the idea of being photographed, the fear of being photographed that’s holding them and their business back. But honestly, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’d love to have a chat with you about how I can help you to improve your turnover by getting over your fear of being photographed.

Click the button below and lets have a chat to see how I can help.


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