In this week’s The Marketing Snapshot I’m already sailing close to the edge… While I would agree that sales isn’t marketing, there’s no point in marketing if you can’t sell. And so on that basis, here’s Jules White of Live It Love It Sell It. 

If you’re anything like me, the thought of selling is horrible, it conjures up images of salesmen in shiny suits doing their damnedest to open your wallet or purse to buy something you don’t want.  That’s ok because many feel like that. What I love about Jules is that she shows you how to sell in a really lovely ‘no pressure’ way.

In fact, Jules has written a book about it Live It Love It Sell It.

* This chat was filmed between lockdowns in 2020. We were observing SD guidelines at the time.

The Marketing Snapshot

The Marketing Snapshot series is intended to help business owners make sense of marketing. In working with business owners I realised that many see marketing as a single discipline when in fact it has many. Agencies often cover a broad range of these, but there are many excellent businesses that are focused on a specific area of marketing; I’m talking social media specialists (even that can be broken up into constituent parts; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse….the list goes on). Then there are advertising specialists e.g. PPC (pay per click), Facebook ads. There are videographers, copywriters, branding experts, graphic designers, web designers. Did I mention photographers?

In this series, I chat with these specialists about what they do, why it’s important to you and what makes them different.

I’d love some feedback on whether this is useful, so please let me know what you think in the comments. and if you’d like to get involved please get in touch.





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