So, I published a blog a while ago entitled My Embarrassing Problem. I wrote about how every time I spoke about having an up to date headshot I cringed inside because I knew I wasn’t walking the talk.

Finally last week, I met with a friend of mine to lay the humiliation to rest. The photo you see here is the result.

Now I feel more empowered to be my business. The fact that I knew that I was asking potential clients to do one thing when I was doing something different did not sit well with me at all.

So, I imagine you are wondering, why did I leave it so long when I’m a photographer? Well, I confess, like many of my clients, I hate having my photo taken too. This is why I totally get it when people shrink away when I want to photograph them. It’s why I empathise with them and help and encourage them to be 100% themselves.

Creating a great portrait is about way more than a good camera and decent lighting. If it wasn’t, all of our passport photos would be excellent, and I know they’re not! A great portrait is about capturing the essence of someone in a moment in time. To do that the subject needs to be fully ‘present’ and it’s really hard to be fully present when you are trying to check the light, angles and pressing the button at the same time. I truly believe that a great portrait requires connection between the photographer and the subject for that split second.

The ideal portrait for your business shows you as you really are because that’s who the people you meet in business (in reality or virtually) are expecting. Not only that, when you are providing a service it’s you that people are buying and so if you don’t look your best (or they can’t see you at all) they may go elsewhere.

Don’t do what I did. If think you are ready to stop putting it off too, get in touch or if you’re not quite convinced of the necessity yet please grab my free guide: 5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Is Essential To Growing Your Business


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