I always find that people are fascinated by why Personal Brand photography is different from headshots. I’ve blogged before about the difference between the two, however, interestingly I was doing a talk on the subject recently and used an example that someone suggested I blog about. Here is that blog!

A couple of years ago I was asked to do a personal brand shoot for someone who had recommended me previously. They are a marketer and while they had a headshot they used in their marketing they’d got to a position where they wanted to ‘up their game’ and put themselves out there in their marketing.

As is usual for a personal brand shoot I took them through the process I use to form a good understanding of who they are, what ‘makes them tick’ and also what differentiates them and their business from their competitors.  As we did this, a couple of things came to the fore; the first was that as a marketer Danny, in his words, ‘gets into people’s heads’. Secondly, it transpired that Danny had a keen interest in sculpture and enjoyed visiting sculpture parks.

We agreed that we would both research potential venues for the shoot. As I searched I found the perfect place… Sculpture By The Lakes which had a sculpture of a human head in profile that he could lean into… thus perfectly illustrating the metaphor within his visual marketing. Now, this kind of serendipity doesn’t happen all the time, I wish it did, but it’s lovely when it does and I always strive to create it for my clients.

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