This is a really quick tip for looking slimmer when you are having photographs taken.

Many of us when we have a camera pointed at us stand straight on to the camera with our arms by our sides. It’s quite an uninteresting pose and when you think about it we are presenting ourselves at our widest to the camera.

So, how can we reduce that effect? Well, I have a rule when photographing clients; if it bends, bend it. The effect of this with arms means that the arms come away from the body and the eye perceives your torso to be less wide. 

Take a look at these two photos to see what I mean…

Here, Jo has her arms by her side, notice that her torso appears as a ‘block’

When she bends her arms they are separated from her torso, instantly making her look slimmer in the photograph.

As you can see, this simple tip visually makes quite a difference in a photograph. Put together with other tips makes a huge difference to how you look in a photo. Why not try it out next time someone points a camera at you?

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  1. Jill

    Excellent. One to try!

    • Rebecca Mander

      Love it!! Will start bending!


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