This stuff works here’s why…

For a while now I have been putting up a ‘Client Focus’ post on Facebook and LinkedIn on a Monday. The reason is two-fold, the first of course is to show off my work, but the second is to promote my clients. They’ve chosen me to help make them more visible in their marketing, and I see part of my responsibility (with their permission) to promote them and their business too.

This week, I posted a photo of Melissa Snover the CEO and Founder of Nourishe3d, an amazing tech company that 3D prints bespoke vitamins for their customers. It’s a brilliant way to merge health and technology. Now you probably know that I bang on about working with service-based businesses, but I do work with product-based businesses too. Melissa’s organisation is one of them.

Why am I posting about Melissa? Well, when I posted the photo someone saw the photo and was interested enough to check out the site and became a customer!

People buy People. People also buy products; however, if I’d posted a photo of just the product most people would have scrolled by and ignored it. As humans we respond better to faces, Melissa’s face caught someones attention enough for them to stop scrolling and read the text, the text made them interested enough to visit the website and the product on the website was compelling enough to create a sale.

Photographs will rarely make the sale for you, but a compelling image will make people stop to read, good copy will make them interested enough to check out the product and maybe buy.

It is almost always the images that get the initial attention. Am I right?

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