If you didn’t read part one of this blog, here’s a little recap…

Previously in “How to lose trust before you’ve even gained it“; I received a connection request on LinkedIn from ‘KR’, something didn’t feel quite right about it and on further investigation, the profile photo was a stock image. This made me mistrust the person asking to connect, they did not respond to my reply.

What happened next…

I assumed that ‘KR’ hated photos of themself and so they had used a stock photo instead. As someone that believes everyone deserves a headshot that they are proud of. I thought I’d check out the rest of the company’s staff headshots to see whether I could offer to go along and put that right.

What I found really shocked me. I noticed that they had, let’s say, an above-average number of young good-looking staff. There seemed to be an equal number of amazing and terrible headshots. All of the amazing ones were completely different so it was unlikely that they were the product of a company headshot shoot.

So, curious, I searched some of the other amazing headshots and found that many of them were used on other websites. Again, all of them presumably stock photography.

I was now intrigued; what was going on?

Theory 1: Maybe everyone hated their photos so much they had all done the same as ‘KR’ and used stock images?
Theory 2: Maybe it was some very odd marketing plan to attract people to the company by connecting with ‘beautiful people’.
Theory 3: Maybe there was some sinister campaign and lots of people were pretending to work for the company and it’s all part of an elaborate scam.

There may, of course, be another explanation that I’ve not thought of. Whatever the truth is, one thing is certain; using stock images as profile photos is a sure-fire way to make potential clients doubt your authenticity. This genuine financial services company is the sort of organisation that has to trade on trust, it’s dealing with our pensions. 

It shouldn’t be as bad as you imagine.

However much you dread having photographs taken, using stock isn’t the right answer. If you pick the right photographer it’s unlikely to be anywhere near as bad as you anticipate, whoever you think might be the right person, chat with them first to see if you feel comfortable with them before you book them. Any good photographer will be happy to chat with you first. If you want to have chat with me about having headshots done click the button below to pick a slot that works for you and we can chat on Zoom.


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