I guess we all know that marketing works, but this revelation from my daughter really made me think…..

Familiarity breeds liking

The Mere-Exposure effect or ‘Familiarity Principle’; In the 1960s, Robert Zajonc found quite conclusively that people develop a preference for people or things just by repeated exposure to them. 

For example, imagine you regularly work in a coffee shop and you need to use the bathroom; you have people sat either side of you, one you have never seen before and the other is a regular too…who are you going to ask to look after your laptop while you are away? 

So visibility is a great marketing tool

This can be applied to marketing. Show your face to your prospects regularly, lots of photographs of you on your website. Get your face seen on social media regularly and the logical outcome will be that you are more trusted by the very people you would like as your clients.

Of course, if you want the very best version of you to be seen by your prospects, get in touch for a chat. 

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