If you are selling services, having a great photo that looks like you and presents you in the right way is really important to your business. I’m going to explain many of the reasons why it’s vital in this post…



When someone sees your photo a number of decisions are made subconsciously by your amygdala (often called the lizard brain) which governs your fight or flight response. An emotional response about whether they like or trust you is made by them; probably without even really realising it. They will then look for evidence to back that up (if they haven’t gone elsewhere straight away)
If you have a great photo that creates the right emotional response your prospect will take time to find out more about you and read the copy that goes with the photo.
If they are not drawn in by the photo they won’t bother to read the accompanying text and move on; the chance is lost!



It’s amazing how many business owners use their ‘least worst’ photo as their profile photo. Others use one of their dog, or a photo where there’s clearly two people in shot but the second one has been cropped out, or one where there is actually more than one person in the photo and then it’s not clear who the person is.
People buying services want to know who they will be working with and be confident that they are going to like them. While they may not make the final decision to work with them from the photo, it’s certainly possible that they might decide that they DON’T want to work with them.
Having a great photo (or set of photos) helps to provide you with the credibility that enables your prospects to look further into what you do…if they decide from your photo that they don’t like you they’ll move on and find someone else.



I’ll be honest, this didn’t even occur to me until I started to get consistent feedback from clients. Having at least one business profile photo that you love, rather than is the ‘least worst’, makes such a difference to how you feel about yourself and your business. I know it sounds a bit tenuous, but honestly, so many of my clients tell me when they have their photographs from me, they feel so much more confident to ‘go out’ and make their business seen by others.
That improved confidence works wonders … it radiates out in conversations and instils itself in your prospects. When you are having a conversation with a prospect and you are confident, it helps them have confidence in you.. you can guess what the result of that is!



Great profile photos make you look and feel more confident and help your clients to know, like & trust you more quickly giving you an edge over your competitors. If you won just one more client from having a great business profile shot, what would that be worth to you?


P.S. I know many of you really do not like (or even hate) having your photograph taken. I get that, I honestly do. Most of my clients come to me because they know that I will make the process easier for them and that they will get photos of them where they look calm, relaxed and trustworthy (that doesn’t necessarily mean stuffy by the way!) If you want to have a chat about this with me click the button below:


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