Don’t be two-faced on social media!
I am aware of a lot of two-faced people on social media…some of them are even three faced.
I’m not talking about being insincere or deceitful, I try to avoid them. I’m talking about using different profile photos on different social platforms.
What’s wrong with that you may ask?
My logo is prominent on my website and also in much of my marketing. However, when I’m on social media my logo is rarely seen, so the quickest way for people to recognise me is by my photo.
I use the same photo on all of my social media accounts, because the more people see me the more people recognise me.
If I use one profile photo on LinkedIn, a different one on Facebook and another on Instagram it makes it hard for people on LinkedIn to spot me on other platforms.
If you want to make it easier for your followers to spot your posts across platforms, it’s really important that you use a consistent photo. If when setting your profile photo you can never find the same one, make a copy of it and keep it somewhere where you know you will always be able to find it.
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