I’ve got a problem. It’s a rather embarrassing problem for me too.

You see I *know* the value of a good quality up-to-date headshot. Until the pandemic hit I was creating them every week.

My problem is that mine is woefully out of date, and like many of my clients I’ve been putting it off for far too long.

I love the one I’ve got, not because it makes me look younger (it does), but because I look comfortable, confident and it captures me just as I want to be seen.

I want and need a new one, not least because I feel embarrassed talking about how important they are when mine is so out-of-date.

So, I hear you thinking, “you’re a photographer, can’t you just take your own?”. The trouble is that it’s really difficult to create a self-portrait because much of the comfort and connection in a great portrait comes from the person behind the camera. That isn’t there in a selfie.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I did some headshots for a local company; two lovely ladies arrived at the office for their headshots and they were sceptical that I would get good photos because they always hate photographs of them.

I spent a bit of time talking to them about why they don’t like their photos being taken and discussed solutions that they could use for both their headshot and whenever they were having their photo taken in the future.

The advice helped them to relax, we looked at the results and fine-tuned the pose over a couple more shots until they were happy with the results.

They left the office delighted and this was their unsolicited feedback to the manager; “Loving the photos, John can come again” and “John is a miracle worker. Please thank him for me“.

Not bad results for a 20-minute shoot with 2 people who hate having their photo taken.

What’s my point? When you are choosing a photographer; check three things. i) They take good photos ii) People look comfortable and confident in the photos they have taken ii) They understand how to make *you* feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I’m going to carry on looking for the right person to photograph me, but in the meantime, I might just have to take my own.

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