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Brand images that magnetise your target clients to you

created to reflect your brand and improve your profitability.


Brand images that magnetise your target clients to you

created to reflect your brand and improve your profitability.


Personal Brand Photography

Helps You To Make The Right First Impression With Your Brand

Are you ready to take your business to the next level but feel like your current photographs are letting you down?
Maybe your headshots are out of date or just not great?
Perhaps you have tried to get some photographs of you but they just “aren’t you” or your brand?
Are you inquisitive about how great imagery of you might help propel your business to better results?
You *are* in the right place.
When it comes to personal branding, the old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is more important than ever! If you have your own business, you are the brand, far more than the logo. My clients tell me that having the right photos, make a huge difference; not only to how confident you feel putting yourself out there but also how your potential clients see and feel about you, even before they’ve met you. I’ve been creating beautiful portraits for my female beauty clients for the last 5 years. They love how the images present the very best authentic version of them, when they are used for business the results are remarkable.
How many times on LinkedIn, Facebook or elsewhere have you been drawn in by a photograph of someone that has compelled you to click on the link? You’re not alone! I have clients whose Facebook advertising costs have reduced by 30% just by changing from an ok to a good profile photo. That’s the power of great images!

If you have decided that it’s time for your business to fly, let us create gorgeous images that will enhance your brand and magnetise your ideal clients to you.

Knowing I hate photos of myself. You knew what bothered me, and that helped me trust you.

I really, truly, love the photos you’ve taken, and the looks you helped me create.

Vicky Fraser

Vicky Fraser Copywriter

As an entrepreneur in the online marketing and e-learning space, I can’t stress the importance of images enough. This is the 2nd time I’ve worked with John, and I love how he captures me in my photographs. They add so much to my online brand, and as first impressions are made in seconds online they are so important to get right. John is so fabulous to work with too and makes you feel so comfortable.

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

You really tried hard to understand me and my business and I think you captured both really well.

The results have been far better than I could ever have imagined and I now know how to pose when I have my photo taken by other people!

Lisa Saunders

Chrysalis Coaching Ltd

If you want fantastic photos of yourself for your business but just can’t bear the thought of having your photograph taken, I could be the perfect photographer for you.

Why? Because I’m told I have a knack for putting people at their ease no matter how nervous they are about having their photo taken. 

I will put you at your ease, I will make you feel comfortable. I give you permission to just be yourself.

I will pose you in a way that flatters you and your figure. You don’t need to worry about how to pose or look good.

I will take photographs of you that look like the very *best* version of you, and it won’t be so photoshopped that you are unrecognisable.

Your friends will recognise them as you; clients will be drawn to you because you look amazing!

It’s time to ditch that tired old photograph of you that was possibly the best of a bad bunch. Take a deep breath and get portrait photos that show the real you. The you that you want the world to see.

Business For Superheroes


If you're wondering "What the heck is 'Business For Superheroes'?"


Business For Superheroes


If you're wondering "what the heck is Business For Superheroes?"


This is one of the best things I have ever done for my business and personal profile.

Lisa Saunders

Chrysalis Coaching Ltd

You feel safe and very much an individual service – you don’t feel as if you’re just another photographer

Gillian Johnson

Business Change UK

Our business portraits are beautifully shot, clear, well composed, and professional yet have a warmth and depth to them.

Sarah Grant

Gut Reaction

Is your current business profile photo the best of a bad bunch?

It should be attracting clients for you but instead, it might actually be costing you money. I’ve put together a short read just for you about why that might be the case and what you can do about it. You can download it for free!

I need to read it!

Personal Branding case study – Phoebe Bolton


Phoebe’s passion for horses and her interest in the body led her to Osteopathy; She loves helping riders be pain free and perform better with Strength & Conditioning Coaching. Phoebe was launching a new website and asked me to create images for her new website: www.pb-equestrian.co.uk

This is what Phoebe has to say about working with me….

I absolutely love (the work you have done)! The pictures look both professional but also personable which for me was vital. The photos were so easy to do and it didn’t feel like a “shoot” at all. (You were) very flexible with where the photos were taken and I was so pleased to have a range of pictures of horses in several settings. Also the thought into where the photos would be used on my website and social media really helped to clarify the process! I hate having my photo taken but it was so enjoyable!

If you’re not quite sure yet whether to book me, Phoebe says:

Go for it!! John manages to capture the true, but professional you. I got some great “action” shots of me and the horses, but I was most pleased with the more “portrait” style photos which I didn’t even realise he was taking. He is very supportive and makes the whole process thoroughly enjoyable. I am so grateful to him and his photos have been vital for the growth of my business.


Here we answer some of the questions that get asked most often. If you still have unanswered questions then please feel free to call or email…

Why should I book with you?


  • You want a photographer who will be able to calm your nerves and bring out the authentic you, meaning that your brand will attract the clients that you want.
  • You know you need great photographs for your website, but the quality of the ones you have just doesn’t match where you want your brand to be.
  • You are nervous about having photographs taken, either because you don’t know what you want or you just feel really uncomfortable in front of the camera.

I *promise* that I will create stunning photographs that you will be proud to represent you and your business, furthermore, I will make it easy and painless for you. If you’re nervous check out my testimonials. I’ve lost count of the number of times that clients have walked in saying I’ve seen what you do, but I’m not expecting that to happen with me……and it does.

I'd love to do this but I don't look good in photos
We hear this time and time again. I honestly believe that we can create a good portrait of anyone. If you have a history of having bad photographs of you, then it’s unlikely to be your fault, it’s probably because you haven’t been in front of the right photographer in the right light with the right direction. Book me and I *guarantee* it will be ok.
I think you're too far away?
I’m based in the UK in Warwickshire in the Midlands. I have clients in Europe and the US, so it’s safe to say, I travel!

Wherever you are, you’re not necessarily too far away. If you’d like to work with me, get in touch, it could be I’m planning to be near you soon!


What should I bring and wear to the session?
Once you book, we’ll send you an information sheet that gives you all the details you need and our pre-session consultation will mean that you will know exactly what to bring.

If you feel like you need it I can refer you to a great image consultant who can advise you on the right clothes to suit you.

What payment methods do you accept?
We take bank transfers (BACS), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cheques and of course good old-fashioned cash. There is a small additional transaction charge for cards that we have to pass on.

Personal Branding case study – Jude Jennison


Jude Jennison is an author, international speaker, leadership coach and Horse Assisted Educator with a 16 year senior leadership career in IBM, where she led UK, European and global teams. She combines bold, visionary thinking with transparency, vulnerability and humility to create profound learning experiences that lead to sustainable behavioural change. Jude published her second book Leading Through Uncertainty in May 2018. www.judejennison.com

This is what Jude has to say about working with me….

When I met John I instantly knew that his calm, quiet manner would ensure I was relaxed for having my photo taken. Having seen some of his work, that reinforced for me that he was the right person to do my business portrait.  John has done my business portrait twice now and I’m about to ask him again. I think it’s important to keep it up to date. The fact that I’m on my third round shows that I highly recommend him. John made the whole process easy and helped me relax so it felt like I was having fun with a friend, rather than feeling uncomfortable in front of a piece of technology.

If you’re not quite sure yet whether to book me, Jude says:

Do it. John makes the whole process easy and you’ll be delighted with how fabulous you look.

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