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Photography that works for your business

I create photographs that make you look great and speed up your client's buying process.
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Photography that works for your business

I create photographs that make you look great and speed up your client's buying process.
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Why Personal Brand photography?

Your prospects have a problem, and they need it solved. You may well be the ideal person to help them solve it. Your website describes perfectly how you can help them but they’re not buying…why is that?

It’s a tired cliche, I know, but it’s so true that “people buy people”; while your potential customers are looking for a solution to their issue, at the same time they are looking for a person that they “know, like & trust”.

If you are relying on an old or ‘least worst’ photo of yourself in your marketing and hidden on the ‘about’ page of your website, it’s likely that those ideal potential customers will move on to your competitor who is more present in their marketing and looks confident and relaxed, just the sort of person they are looking for to solve their problem.

You don’t have to miss out on new customers anymore just because you hate having your photograph taken!

After working with me, you will:

  • be more visible to your prospects
  • reduce the time it takes for those prospects to know, like and trust you resulting in a faster sales cycle
  • attract more of the right clients
  • have your own stock library of photographs you are proud to show off
  • increased awareness of your value to your own clients
  • many of my clients also report increased confidence in themselves and/or their business.

Knowing I hate photos of myself. You knew what bothered me, and that helped me trust you.

I really, truly, love the photos you’ve taken, and the looks you helped me create.

Vicky Fraser

Vicky Fraser Writer & Book Coach

As an entrepreneur in the online marketing and e-learning space, I can’t stress the importance of images enough. This is the 2nd time I’ve worked with John, and I love how he captures me in my photographs. They add so much to my online brand, and as first impressions are made in seconds online they are so important to get right. John is so fabulous to work with too and makes you feel so comfortable.

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

I’m incredibly pleased with my images and I’m delighted to have them on my website, social media, funnel, and emails. They have created a very strong, and unique brand for me.

John will do his utmost to portray you in the way you want, without showing any aspects of you that you are not happy with. If you worry about your body and appearance if you don’t have a clear view of your brand images he can help.

Fay Semple

The Spiritual Geomancer

I had previously had a photographer recommended to me and I didn’t really enjoy the experience or like the photos. I didn’t feel very confident that new photographs would be any better.

I enjoyed the experience of the photoshoot and I love the photos. I have never had so many compliments about photos of me. The results have been far better than I could ever have imagined

Lisa Saunders

Chrysalis Coaching Ltd

I’ve been a professional photographer of people for over a decade, specialising in Personal Brand for the last 4 years.

I understand what it feels like to be deeply uncomfortable in front of a camera and then to pick at all your perceived faults when you see the results. I also get how this can hold your business back from being as successful as it could be.

I’m here to help you and your business move up to the next level.

You’ll feel at ease. I’ll give you permission (and help you) to just be yourself in your photos.
I will pose you in a way that flatters you and your figure. You don’t need to worry about how to pose or look good.

My Simple Three Step Process


1. Call

The Interesting Bit

Let’s have a chat and make sure that I am the right photographer for you.
No ‘sales pitch’ guarantee

2. Plan

The Exciting Bit

Finding out what makes you and your business unique and working out how to tell that story in photos.

3. Shoot

The Fulfilling Bit

All the planning comes to fruition! We get to have fun creating amazing images of you doing what you do best that will supercharge your business.

I understand that you want to be more visible in your business to attract more clients. In order to do that you need to have some great photographs of you to use in your marketing. The problem is you hate being photographed because it makes you feel uncomfortable and you don’t like the results. I believe that everyone can look great in photographs if they find the right photographer. I understand that not having great photography can hold back your business and that’s I why work with you to break the ‘fear cycle’ and create photographs that you are delighted to share.

Here’s how it works; 1. We have a discovery call which helps you to decide whether I am the right photographer for you. 2. Once you’ve booked we go through a process that helps me (and sometimes you) to understand your brand and what makes it unique, planning the photographs we will take along the way. 3. We meet to create photos that will help to supercharge your business marketing.

Set up a discovery call today, so that you can stop being camera-shy and start marketing the best asset in your business, YOU!


Here we answer some of the questions that get asked most often. If you still have unanswered questions then please feel free to call or email…

Why should I book with you?


You want a photographer who will be able to calm your nerves and bring out the authentic you, meaning that your brand will attract the clients that you want.

You know you need great photographs for your website, but the quality of the ones you have just doesn’t match where you want your brand to be.

You are nervous about having photographs taken, either because you don’t know what you want or you just feel really uncomfortable in front of the camera.

I *promise* that I will create stunning photographs that you will be proud to represent you and your business, furthermore, I will make it easy and painless for you. If you’re nervous, check out my testimonials. I’ve lost count of the number of times that clients have started by saying I’ve seen what you do, but I’m not expecting that to happen with me……and it does.

I'd love to do this but I don't look good in photos

I hear this time and time again. I honestly believe that we can create a good portrait of anyone. If you have a history of having bad photographs of you, then it’s unlikely to be your fault, it’s probably because you haven’t been in front of the right photographer in the right light with the right direction.

Am I too far away?

I’m based in the UK in Warwickshire in the Midlands. I have clients in Europe and the Middle East, so it’s safe to say, I travel!

Wherever you are, you’re not necessarily too far away. If you’d like to work with me, get in touch, it could be I’m planning to be near you soon!

What should I bring and wear to the session?
Once you book, we’ll send you an information sheet that gives you all the details you need and our pre-session consultation will mean that you will know exactly what to bring.

If you feel like you need it I can refer you to a great image consultant who can advise you on the right clothes to suit you.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are generally made by card on the website, however I am able to receive bank transfers (BACS) if you would prefer, just ask.

Personal Brand photography is expensive isn't it?

Personal Brand photography is all about value.

If you buy stock photography it’s quite possible that on a per-image basis, a personal brand shoot will only be slightly more expensive; with the added advantages that your clients will engage more with you and the images won’t appear anywhere else.

Secondly, if the photographs only created one or two more customers for you, what would that be worth to you and your business?

Be Visible. Be Your Brand.

This is one of the best things I have ever done for my business and personal profile.

Lisa Saunders

Chrysalis Coaching Ltd

You feel safe and very much an individual service – you don’t feel as if you’re just another photographer

Gillian Johnson

Business Change UK

I think you just naturally show that you care John. You are considered and listen and in turn, I feel like you really care about the results we get.

Jules White

Live It Love It Sell It

Is your current business profile photo the best of a bad bunch?

Your business profile photo should be attracting clients for you however it might actually be costing you money. I’ve put together a short read just for you about why that might be the case and more importantly what you can do about it.

Download it now for free!


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